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Mascot Medical and Dental has a well supported placement program. If you are interested in a position please contact:

Vicki Coleman, Group General Manager | vcoleman@immex.com.au

I worked at Mascot Medical and Dental Centre in 2019 as a Registrar. The practice offers exposure to a wide variety of patients across various demographics. There is a good mix of elderly patients who have lived in the local area for several decades, as well as young professionals and their families. Given the practice’s proximity to the airport and universities, you will also be exposed to students, airport staff and travellers.


The doctors at the practice are extremely friendly and approachable, I never felt like a burden and could knock on anyone’s door. Each doctor had their own special interests on top of general practice such as women’s health, drug and alcohol medicine, dermatology etc. My supervisor, Dr Oliver Smith is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. He was easy to approach and you can talk to him about anything. The practice principle Dr Stephen Simmons has a wealth of knowledge in Dermatology and Occupational Medicine and will take every opportunity to show you interesting cases. The administrative staff are supportive, especially Kerrie the practice manager at the Mascot centre who is very flexible, understanding and made my time there so comfortable.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mascot Medical Centre and would recommend the term if you have an interest in developing further skills in Dermatology, Occupational Health, Sexual Health, Geriatrics, Mental Health, Children under 5 and Drug and Alcohol Medicine.


Dr Harini Lakshmi

I was employed at Mascot Medical and Dental Centre as a GP registrar during the latter part of my training. I initially worked there part-time during my academic GP term, and chose to stay on during my extension awaiting fellowship term and also for about 3 months after attaining fellowship. Had I not moved to the UK at this point, I would have continued as a fully qualified GP at this practice with no hesitation.


Mascot is situated in very close proximity to the city, but despite its inner urban location, there is a very broad mix of medical presentations to this practice. The practice is about 30 years old and has a large base of long-term patients. There is a high proportion of chronic and complex illnesses. There is much cultural diversity in the patient population, ranging from older European immigrants, to new south-east Asian and subcontinental immigrants, as well as young families and university students due to the progressive gentrification of the area. As a female GP, you will get the opportunity to practice a lot of women and children’s medicine.


The supervision that I received at MMDC was excellent! Dr. Oliver Smith is an experienced GP trainer in the UK who has also supervised a number of GP synergy registrars since moving to Australia. He is extremely approachable, and eager to teach. He has been a brilliant mentor and has gone out of his way to provide guidance and support. The GPs at MMDC have a wide range of special interests including palliative care, antenatal shared care, addiction medicine, multi-cultural medicine, occupational health, mental health and skin cancer. The practice is well set up for minor procedures and you will get excellent supervision to hone your skills in areas such as skin excisions, suturing etc. I found all the GPs to be very approachable and keen to share knowledge from their various areas of special interest. My learning and growth as a GP registrar was definitely enhanced by working in a team with these experienced GPs.


The practice staff were friendly and accommodating. You don’t get a 10am morning tea/ coffee delivered to your office at every practice!


I would recommend this practice to any GP registrar.

Dr. Isuru Ratnayake