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Appointments Available


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GP Services

We are a mixed billing clinic offering a wide range of family medicine services, from paediatrics to senior care.
Our mission is to help you maintain a high quality of life through best health practices, and our entire staff is dedicated to this goal.

Family Medicine

Including paediatric care, newborn and childhood checks, obstetric, antenatal care and shared care pregnancy.

Men's Health

Essential screening tests for men, mental health, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and sexual health. A full range of immunisation services and travel medicine.

Women's Health

Family planning and contraception, obstetric and antenatal care. Menopause treatment.


Including newborn and childhood checks and vaccinations

Sexual Health

Sexual health advice, sexual health screening, treatment and management for sexual health conditions.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer checks, diagnosis and primary management of skin cancer.


Mascot Medical can help with all sorts of podiatry issues, including skin problems, odours and injury.


Mascot Medical offers comprehensive, high quality pathology services.

After Hours

Please contact National Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25 for after hours service by qualified doctors.