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Do I have to make an appointment or can I just walk in?

If you require immediate treatment, we do cater for patients who walk into the practice without an appointment. The staff will determine the urgency of the appointment and prioritise accordingly.

For non-urgent walk in appointments, patients with pre-booked appointments take priority. Doctors will see their booked patients first, then see non-urgent walk in appointments in between these times.

Do I need a long appointment?

We do standard up to 15 minute appointments. Some services like health assessments, care plans (including mental health plans), skin checks, post hospital admissions, review of tests and medications or if you have a number of complex concerns to discuss with your doctor may require a longer appointment.

How are test results managed?

Test results are only given to the patient concerned. You will generally be asked to make an appointment with your doctor to follow up.

How do I get a medical certificate?

Medical Certificates can be provided by your doctor following a consultation, unfortunately they cannot be backdated. Please try to present early in your illness should you require this service.

How do I transfer my medical records from my old practice/doctors to this practice?

Please ask the reception staff for a “Request for Transfer of Patient File” form.

Do I need to make appointment for a blood test?

As long as you have a pathology request form from your GP, you do not normally need to make an appointment, just visit the practice and see the onsite pathology collectors – Douglas Hanly Moir. Appointments are necessary for some tests e.g. Glucose tolerance tests.

Can I choose which GP I see?

Yes, you can. Mascot Medical and Dental Centre will always try to give you an appointment with your preferred doctor. However, on some occasions your preferred doctor may be fully booked or they may not be in on that particular day. You are also free to consult any doctor at this practice and to change doctors within the clinic at any time – your new doctor will have access to all the records and notes made by the previous doctor.

Can I request a repeat prescription?

As many medications can be potent if taken inappropriately, it is important to have your medications regularly reviewed by your Doctor. If we have never prescribed the medication for you before, or it has been greater than 3 months since your last prescription, you will require a consult to obtain a prescription.

Waiting Time

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Our staff understand this and endeavour to manage all appointments as punctually as possible. However, due to unpredictable nature of a medical practice – doctors do frequently run behind time. We regret any inconvenience caused due to these delays. Please feel free to contact our surgery staff before you arrive for your appointment to confirm whether your doctor is running on time.

Appointment Cancellation

It is important that you phone the practice immediately when you cannot make an appointment so that we can reschedule your appointment and also provide that appointment time for a patient in need.

What If I need to see a doctor after hours?

Please contact the National Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25